Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tutorial: Lace Nails

I love painting my nails and usually change the color or design frequently. Recently, while deciding how to paint my nails, I realized that I had some lace. I thought to myself, why not test this out.

Since lace is such a delicate material, I decided that a neutral color would work best so I used OPI's Barefoot in Barcelona and painted just one coat since it would be covered anyways. If you choose a darker color, a second coat might be best. 

Once dry, I took the scrap of lace and cut a small piece then measured it on one of my nails. I then cut it until it shaped my nail. The lace doesn't need to be perfect and its fine if the lace is a bit long because you can trim it later. The most important is that the piece around your cuticles and sides fit.

Once the lace is measured to fit your nail, paint the nail with a clear coat of nail polish. Put a bit more nail polish then you normally would so that the lace will stick. With a tweezer, pick the cut piece of lace and lay it  directly onto the nail. Carefully make sure the lace sticks to your nail by using the tweezers and pressing gently at the sides. I also found that using your finger to press the lace helps as well. Once the lace is on your nails and is dried from the clear coat, carefully use the nail clippers and trim any excess lace that maybe sticking out.

You can then add a clear top coat to make it really stick but I noticed that when I did so, it made the lace look really weird. You can test it out though but for me, I left the rest of my nails without another coat. What I did however to make sure the lace didn't lift was take the clear coat and painted the tips of my nails.

Here's a close up of my nails.